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Welcome to the new DABAS community thingy.

Dunno how many of you will want to stay in, or join all together. But I hope plenty.. It means you'll get to go. "*___* @ " if you want, or talk about whatever you want with other people who worship their deitynesses =D!!! *nods sagely.* Hee. They remind me of Matt. o.o

I know the layout isn't much now, but later.. I shall make something better, but right now.. I haven't been to sleep yet, and I'm utterly tired, and Matt'll kill things if he finds out I didn't sleep til some god awful time in the day.

Anyways, the info page will be spruced up later, as well as a layout put up and made.. more spiffy. o.O It wont be much, but it'll be OURS =D yay. *blinks and flails at you people.* post while I sleep!
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