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Welcome to the new DABAS community thingy.

Dunno how many of you will want to stay in, or join all together. But I hope plenty.. It means you'll get to go. "*___* @ " if you want, or talk about whatever you want with other people who worship their deitynesses =D!!! *nods sagely.* Hee. They remind me of Matt. o.o

I know the layout isn't much now, but later.. I shall make something better, but right now.. I haven't been to sleep yet, and I'm utterly tired, and Matt'll kill things if he finds out I didn't sleep til some god awful time in the day.

Anyways, the info page will be spruced up later, as well as a layout put up and made.. more spiffy. o.O It wont be much, but it'll be OURS =D yay. *blinks and flails at you people.* post while I sleep!
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  • 1 comment said in your User info that you wanted suggestions for boys to be added and you dont mind games? You cannot go into the realm of games and NOT include the highest of all (game at least) characters Rune Walsh. He may not be too dorky, but even he has his moments!