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rinpoo's Journal

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DABAS- Dorky Anime Boy Appreciation Society
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I modified my older name into a community because it's far too difficult to find LJ codes these days, no matter how long I've been a member. *mutter.* Either way. Anyone who is on the friends list, is already a member, or rather, who has it added as a friend. If y'want off because you don't like the dorky, clumsy, or utterly cute anime boys of anime (AND games, I'm not picky.), or that you just want me to STFU, then drop me a line and I'll pluck you right off, y'ungrateful bastids. =D

Anyone can join, and anyone can post. Flame us and we'll delete it, s'that simple. If you wanna go through all that trouble to write up a really intelligent flame like 'u suck becuz u liek anima' just to have it deleted *gasp.* Go for it.

Also, if you'd like a boy added to the interests, let me know and I'll add him right on, up until we get 150 (which is the limit) Sound good? Good, now join and post!

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